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If learning about our services has led you to believe you could benefit from our services, we're here to help you. We provide completely free consultations to help review your case and explain whether or not our services will be able to get you the kind of results and closure you need.

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Richart Detective Agency is a team of licensed private investigators who provide detective services regarding court cases, corporations, small businesses, and child support recovery. Our team has various experiences serving in law enforcement and knows the legal methods for producing court-admissible evidence to help you get results. We don't face the same setbacks and hurdles that government and law enforcement faces when it comes to funding and distribution of resources. We give your case 100% of the attention it deserves, and promise to give you peace of mind and closure knowing that there was an outcome or a result.

Interested in our services? We're here to help!

We want to give your needs the attention they deserve. We'll provide a free assessment of your situation and explain how we can use our resources to make a difference.

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Instead of fighting to get results with the local authorities, we act solely on your behalf to get answers.

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We have access to resources for locating people, researching backgrounds, and locating assets.

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Not only can we get you answers, we know how to get you information that's legally admissible and gets results.


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